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  • "Warren, I never thought I would be this happy about a service! You guys obviously really know your stuff because it looks brilliant! The real estate agent thinks it will help selling our place much quicker, so thank you very much. Mission accomplished!"

    Brian W.  Charmhaven

  • "Giles, thank you very much for the professional work that your company carried out on my house. It looks superb and your team were a pleasure to have around! I will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends & neighbours."

    John S. Erina

  • "What a fantastic difference it has made to our house! The whole street now want it done of course. You guys were absolutely excellent. I'm so happy, thank you again!"

    Erica B. Woy Woy


Roof Restorations

Concrete tile restoration:
When restoring a concrete tile roof the job is broken down into three stages:
• First, we carry out the necessary repairs to ridge caps, gable ends, tiles, valleys, lead flashings and any other item that may require attention.
• Secondly, we recoat the concrete roof tiles. This will generally include high pressure cleaning, applying a sealer coat, then applying between 2 – 3 coats of Dulux Roof Membrane in the colour of your choice.
• Lastly, repointing of ridge caps is carried out. We do this after spraying to give your roof a more original look, and to avoid the artificial appearance that repainted roofs often get. While in most cases the reason for recoating your roof tiles is for overall appearance, recoating your roof will encapsulate the tiles preventing the surface from eroding any further and therefore prevent leaks.

Colorbond/Metal Roof Restoration:
Restorations of Colorbond or metal roofs are completed in two parts:
• First, we assess the screws, roof sheets, flashings and generally look for any signs of corrosion or possible leak points and repair / replace where necessary.
• The second stage includes high pressure cleaning and applying one coat of epoxy or zinc-based metal primer to unpainted surfaces (or water-based primers for pre-painted surfaces). We then apply 2 coats of Dulux Roof Membrane in your colour of choice. Great care and experience are necessary to apply the coatings so that dry lines and blemishes do not show up on the newly painted surface.

Terracotta Roof Restoration:
Terracotta is one of the oldest materials used in roofing, and is still one of the best roofing materials available. Terracotta tiles either have a fully glazed, semi glazed or unglazed surface. These glazes are applied to the surface using glass, giving the tiles their life long gloss. When restoring a terracotta tile roof we will carry out the necessary repair work, then simply high pressure clean the tiles removing the green lichen, mould and moss. Lastly, we apply an anti-fungicidal wash to prevent future lichen and mould developing in the short term. This simple process will reveal the tiles original surface, with a near new appearance.

Asbestos Roofs
Asbestos materials are dangerous and where possible are best left alone. If your asbestos roof is leaking it is usually best if you get it replaced, as the asbestos roof sheets become brittle over time making them nearly impossible to repair. Replacing your asbestos roof will dramatically increase the value of your home and may not cost as much as you think. In some cases we can coat your asbestos roof, encapsulating the fibres and thus preventing them from causing harm. Due to health regulations, we are unable to thoroughly clean the roof to a standard where we can warrant that the coating will adhere to the roof.

Dural restoration pointing dural restoration 1st coat Muswell Brook woodland grey roof