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Re-Roofs - Residential

Residents do not have to vacate their premises during the process of a re-roof.

The utmost care is taken to reduce disruption to the residence and neighbours.

The average re-roof process takes approximately 4-5 days to complete, with safety systems put in place and materials delivered to site on day 1. Work generally starts on the rear of the roof to avoid walking over the newly replaced roof during the process. Waste such as old roof tiles are disposed of in a site skip bin, while old metal sheeting will be stacked, all waste will be removed from site either during or at the end of the job.

To reduce the need for tarps and reduce the likelihood of water ingress, we aim to only remove that portion of the old roof that we reasonably believe we can replace that day. We don’t like to rely on tarps as weather conditions can be unpredictable, however we do have them available if the need arises.

toowoon bay reroof before shot toowoon bay reroof after shot